For me, photography isn't just a passion, it's my way of celebrating life and
love through art. Whether this celebration takes place on your wedding day, at
the birth of your child, at a high school graduation, or just hanging out at the
park with your family, my aim is to make these memories last forever through
beautiful and timeless photographs. I love doing what I do, and am fortunate
to have met so many amazing people who have invited me to celebrate their lives
with them. I'd love to celebrate with you!
Bernadette Homison has always had a natural affinity for photography and began refining her talent four years ago, initially focusing on natural lighting portraits and nature/scenic photography.  Bernadette has continued to broaden her abilities to include a wide variety of photographic styles. She has added experience capturing weddings and senior portraits while furthering her experience with families and children. 
Bernadette’s style embraces capturing the spirit of the moment, catching the joy of a child in play or the loving glance shared by a bride and groom.   She has a natural talent to anticipate a moment and capture it before it slips away.
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